One garden, three generations; tend the garden and watch as it grows and tells a story of three people apart but connected by the garden.  This is a visual novel/point and click, single player game part of the WGJ 2020

Maia Lomelino

Thaís Robba

Claudia Fortin Dorego
Angela Schmold

Game Design
Yujin Kim

Jaclyn Seto
Carolina Scoponi

Sound Design
Carolina Scoponi


Passing by Doxent Zsigmond (c) copyright 2015

forgottenland by airtone (c) copyright 2020


Memento 38 MB
Memento 39 MB
Memento Florum.x86_64 40 MB


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This game had an oddly soothing quality to it: The garden setting was peaceful and soothing and the simple gameplay of clicking through the watering, etc was oddly relaxing. I enjoyed following the flower and the family through the generations and the attention to detail made the storytelling more effective, like the hands of the different women and the way they changed as time passed. The randomized (?) journal entries had me replaying it as well; game-length doesn't usually factor into how much I enjoy it, but more things to read did add replay value! The lack of BGM and the subtle presence of sound-effects, including the little hum for singing/talking to the plants, also contributed to the relaxing feel.

This game brought up childhood memories of the gardens of my grandmother, mother and neighbors and "investigating" all the growing things, good memories I hadn't thought about in a long time. Overall, I greatly enjoyed playing through.


I really liked this. It was really nice to see the different perspectives and to take care of the plants.